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Traveler Produce, has the firm commitment to take care of the health of consumers, that is why we are always innovating and implementing the most demanding safety standards in the fruit and vegetable market, from agricultural fields in Mexico and packaging, to facilities used for distribution in South Texas.

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Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI)


Six years have passed since the PTI was launched after the problem of the E.coli bacteria that impacted and caused problems in perishables. This tragic event revealed the need for a better approach to identifying contaminated food and how to reduce its impact on consumers and the industry.


The Product Traceability Initiative, sponsored by the Produce Marketing Association of Canada, GS1 USA, the Produce Marketing Association and the United Fresh Produce Association, is designed to help the industry maximize the effectiveness of current traceability procedures, developing an industry standard approach to improve the speed and efficiency of traceability systems for the future.

Internal and external traceability programs are implemented in order to effectively track and trace the product and the supply chain, as well as the achievement of the traceability of the entire chain. Today, most companies have "internal" traceability programs in place, but not the programs necessary for "external" traceability.

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