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Mexican fruit and vegetable distributor.

Corporate Videos

Corporate Videos


Located in McAllen, Texas, it is a fruit and vegetable distribution company whose main objective is the distribution, wholesale and retail to different states of the American Union and Canada.


Traveler Produce is a company that is identified by the quality of its products, the best safety standards and compliance with current regulations for the welfare of consumers.


Every day we take on the task of constantly looking for Mexican suppliers to expand our product line.

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Leaders in the Agro-Business Branch


We are identified in the field of agribusiness in the production, collection, packaging and sale and marketing of horticultural products for export from Mexico to the United States of America.


We distinguish ourselves as a company by providing a service of excellence, constancy, safety and quality in our products and services through ethical and responsible agricultural and business practices.

Mission and Vision

Mission: satisfy the needs of our consumers and improve the standard of living of our customers by offering high quality products and services, through the production and export of vegetables from Mexico to the United States, involving our collaborators in teamwork to achieve the excellence.



Vision: to be a world-class agro-food company and a leader in the field of packaging, production and distribution of vegetables from Mexico to the United States



Traveler Produce, has the firm commitment to take care of the health of consumers, that is why we are always innovating and implementing the most demanding safety standards in the fruit and vegetable market, from agricultural fields in Mexico and packaging, to facilities used for distribution in South Texas


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